In het kader van de Innovation Expo ‘Sustainable Urban Delta’ organiseerden we enige tijd geleden een hackathon voor studenten van Communication & Multimedia Design van Hogeschool Rotterdam. 25 teams gingen aan de slag om prototypes te ontwerpen binnen de thema’s health, circular economy en urban/civic design. Een jury koos drie ontwerpen die op de Innovation Expo door de winnende teams gepresenteerd werden. Hieronder de beste ideeën.


Jamie Oliver tried to change the English school lunches. Despite his highly committed attempts, the impact on children’s health was moderate. Lunchbox addresses the full context of healthy living for school children. This eco system provides a platform in which parents and children are in the driving seat of their own healthy living.

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Every day you travel to work by bike, everyday you see this unattractive place which maybe would fit as a children’s playground. Imagine you just could share your plans and can start realizing them? Commune is a platform that facilitates people to contribute to the city they live in. Commune connects and educates to build a city that’s self-sufficient, sustainable and most important of all; a place where you want to be.



In the growing city space is limited and clean environments high in demand. Shred it is a eco system in which citizens are rewarded for contributing to a clean city. In a decentralized structure of shredding  and printing devices they are offered the possibility to re use what is collected.